Watershed Claims

What We Do

The depth of knowledge and experience of our senior management, adjusters, and investigators reflects the breadth of case management and investigation services we are able to undertake for our clients.

By providing technical excellence and our considerable experience in dealing with people during times of stress, which often follows a claims incident, we are able to enhance the Insurer’s relationship with their policyholder, thus cementing relationships for the future.

The following pages outline our adjusting, investigation, mediation, and training capabilities – our expertise that you can call upon to work seamlessly with your own in house team.

Motor Liability

Our experienced motor liability investigators deliver a professional, consistent and thorough motor investigation service to ensure that our clients receive clear and concise information relating to the incident in question. Having the trusted resource of Watershed’s motor investigators to call upon enables our clients to settle claims quickly, cost effectively and with the knowledge that decisions on liability are based upon sound investigative practices.

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Motor Claims MOJ

Watershed Claims Services Ltd are able to offer a high quality, fast turnaround service, solving problems associated with the reporting of motor MOJ cases through the portal. Our experienced motor liability investigators have the ability to contact your policyholder and obtain information regarding the circumstances of a collision, reporting back to you within the portal time limits. We are currently operating high success rates in solving portal cases and reporting back to insurers.

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Employers and Public Liability

Our specialist liability adjusters and investigators have the expertise and experience you require to sensitively gather the key information and secure the required evidence which is crucial to determining legal liability in both Employers’ Liability and Public Liability claims investigations.

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Casualty MOJ

As a result of the changes with the MOJ portal, we are able to offer an investigation service compliant with the MOJ guidelines, where we solve your liability issues as part of our investigation process. Our highly trained investigation team have the ability to speak with your policyholder, obtain information and collate documentation, allowing you to make quick and informed decisions on whether to leave a case in the portal or whether to withdraw it.

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Watershed Claims Services have been involved in the investigation of household liability claims since their inception in 1997. Our investigators’ background in general liability investigation means that Watershed Claims Services have a wealth of experience in investigating all types of liability disputes associated with a household policy.

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The meticulous investigation techniques employed by our experienced investigators within our Fraud Division have gained Watershed a strong reputation in the field of fraudulent claims detection.

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Rapid Response

Our Rapid Response investigation applies to serious road traffic accidents where the circumstances are unknown and where serious injury or death has occurred. The most crucial time for the gathering and collation of physical evidence and detailed statements lies in the period of hours not days or weeks following the collision.We undertake to attend the scenes of fatal and serious road traffic collisions within the shortest possible time, usually 24 hours.

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Dispute Resolution

The practical skills of successful negotiation constantly used by our experienced adjusters are the very skills required to resolve disputed cases. Our professional team, by the very nature of the loss adjusting work they undertake, are experts in employing the skills and competencies required in successful dispute resolution.

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Professional Indemnity/Products

These categories of claims produce some of the costliest, litigious, and most complex of losses. Our experienced team are dedicated to providing our clients with a proactive, thorough and professional response. We have the knowledge and ability to deal with the issues that can arise.

Construction /Environmental Liability /Pollution

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Recovery Service

Recovery of outlay following the allegedly negligent act of another is not always as straightforward as perhaps it ought to be. Our specialised Recovery Unit has the technical expertise and determination to rigorously pursue such recoveries on behalf of our clients.

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Staff Training

We are passionate about teamwork and sharing our technical expertise with our clients to improve knowledge and reduce claim spend. We regularly provide technical training to many of our customers, with an emphasis on practical application in the workplace.

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Underground Service Damage

We at Watershed Claims Services Ltd have extensive experience of investigating and handling claims for damage to underground services, from the perspective of both claimant and defendant. Our adjusters have, over many years, handled claims by utility companies for insurers and commercial firms.

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Watershed Risk Survey

The survey will encompass the physical and moral risk, together with assessment of the policyholder’s organisation and retention of relevant documents, together with recommendations for improvement.

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