Watershed Claims

Press Statement for Release 15 August 2013

We are aware of articles published by the Mail on Sunday, Mail on Line, the Independent and the Daily Telegraph on 11 August 2013 alleging that private detectives working on behalf of the Motor Insurers Bureau (MIB) unlawfully obtained private information about a 14 year old schoolgirl and her friends who were injured in a road traffic accident in 2007. We are also aware of the press statement issued by the MIB on 13 August 2013 and the statement published by Tradex Insurance Co. Ltd on their website on 13 August 2013 which states that Watershed Claims Services Ltd was the independent claims agent appointed by Tradex at the time of the accident.

Watershed Claims Services Ltd instructed an external company, Ryan Surveillance Services (UK) Ltd, in connection with this accident. Watershed wishes to make it clear that it has never solicited or sanctioned any unlawful methods of information gathering. We operate at all times within the law and require and expect the same standard from external companies engaged by us.


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